Meet C.H.I.P., the World’s first $9 Computer

Chip ComputerC.H.I.P. is a $9 portable computer that can do a range of things a computer does. Designed as a chip, it contains a process, RAM and storage space to allow for a range of uses, like a computer would. It is able to use Libre Office, play games, connect to the Internet and use other application preinstalled in C.H.I.P.

The processor is 1GHz, with 512mb RAM and 4GB storage with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included. Using the Bluetooth capabilities, users are able to connect their mouse and keyboard to C.H.I.P. and do their work, studies or procrastinate online. It is small, and has peripherals that can add-on, such as a VGA or HDMI add-on to connect to any screen. A Pocket C.H.I.P. turns the chip into a handheld computer with QWERTY keyboard and 4.3” touchscreen.

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Microsoft changes their model, calls Windows 10 “the last version”

MicrosoftMicrosoft has always followed by the same model: regular updates to their operating system that completely change the function as technology progresses. Now, it would appear Satya Nadella’s Microsoft will be taking a different route.

The announcement for Windows 10 came awhile ago, as did the promise that anyone running Windows 7 or higher could look forward to a free upgrade. With that tantalizing prospect on the horizon, PC users are eager for the launch.

But so far, we have been disappointed. Where it was expected that we would see Windows 10 sometime in the beginning of this year, we are still waiting. What is the holdup?

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Oculus Rift consumer version will be shipped in 2016

Facebook Oculus RiftDetails about the first commercial Oculus Rift virtual reality headset have finally hit the internet, with a tentative release date ending months of rumors and speculation.

The news comes via a tweet by VP of Product Nate Mitchell from his official account. “Extremely excited to announce that the Oculus Rift will be shipping Q1 2016! We can’t wait to get it in your hands,” it said, sending fans into a tailspin of excitement.

It will be the first time an Oculus Rift was released for user consumption, as past editions were purely for developers. While it was possible to buy an early release version to use with limited compatible games, only a percentage chose to invest before the final and user friendly product was launched.

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Security researchers developed a method to automatically track Android shady apps

  • 04/05/2015 at 22:07 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Platforms

Smartphone SpyAnyone who has owned any kind of Android run device, from their phones to their Chromebooks, is well aware that their apps can be a crapshoot. But now a new method for auto tracking apps that connect to data mining or ad sites could offer a potential solution.

The problem comes down to the way Google allows apps to appear in the Google Play store. Being a company that is based on open products, they have run their apps in the same way. Horrible programs can be sold, and it is allowed, as long as there is no deliberately malicious intent such as phishing or financial scamming.

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Highlights from Microsoft Build Conference 2015

Microsoft Build 2015Microsoft have have made a few announcements at their Build conference. The company seems to be wanting to change and have integration of devices and apps as one of their main goals. And HoloLens, the first untethered holographic device.

Microsoft are aiming to grow and become bigger than any other company and have released parts of their plan to do so. One billion devices using Windows 10 is the aim, and to do so they are opening up to developers. And then there’s HoloLens, which will be something completely new and could change many areas and industries.

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CloudFlare – Harvard Business School students turn their idea into a success story

CloudFlareInspiration comes in a variety of forms, even bad ideas. CloudFlare story is one of the best examples. Two Harvard Business School students were on a field trip. Matthew Prince had ideas, a lot of ideas. Michelle Zatlyn was to be Prince’s partner, but hadn’t decided on it yet. Tom Eisenmann is a faculty member of Harvard Business School, and thought that Prince and Zatlyn would work well together. Previously, the pair had been told that getting funding would be difficult, near on impossible.

While on a field trip to Silicon Valley, Prince didn’t let up hassling Zatlyn to be co-founders of a company. Prince had a small business already, Unspam Technologies.

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YouTube turns ten – Happy first decade

YouTube LogoSome websites feel as if the Internet was designed with them as a planned fixture, weaving seamlessly through websites and making so much sense it’s hard to imagine an Internet without them. One of those sites is YouTube, the video hosting site that is now ten years old.

Currently, YouTube stands as a behemoth of video hosting like no other. It had its own teething problems, though, with many people at one point believing YouTube had no value, was drain for money, and required too much money and infrastructure to make the site work. Google saw the potential in YouTube, and had more than enough funds to spend on what was needed.

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