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HTC and Microsoft team up for HTC One (M8) for Windows

HTC One M8 For WindowsHTC has announced their new smartphone, a device that is directly connected to Windows 8, including their patented tile format.

The design of the phone itself is more or less identical to the usual One device, with a wrap around, thin frame. It is much more sleek than the usual Windows phone, which tends to be more blunt and thick.

It will also have Android, showing the first ever multi-browser smartphone to come out of the Microsoft line.

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Phone Unlocking Bill passes US Senate

Girl PhoneThe US Senate has passed a bill that makes it legal for smartphone owners to unlock their phones to use on different networks, regardless of carrier approval.

It has been a controversial practice for some time. Phone unlocking in the past had to be done by carrier approval, something that many argued was a violation of the rights of the phone’s owner. If they bought the phone, they should have the right to use it as they choose.

That argument has now become the reality, after a law was voted on that puts control back in the hands of the consumer.

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Sony creates Selfie Smartphone with Xperia C3

Sony Xperia C3Sony has created the first smartphone that is specially being touted as the first ever “selfie” specific smartphone, the Xperia C3, in what is sure to be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

The selfie trend has been popular for years, though the term itself has only recently really taken off. People take a selfie for everything, from genuine events to exciting shots of them standing in front of a mirror doing absolutely nothing.

With the inexplicable fame of the song #Selfie solidifying it as one of the most annoying pop culture trends of all time, Sony has decided to jump on board and create a whole smartphone dedicated to it.

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Nokia X2 hitting shelves in select countries

Nokia X2 AndroidNokia has shown off their upgraded handset in the Nokia X2, a handheld device that will be the fourth Android-based release this year.

The Nokia X was released earlier this year, and the X2 is a direct sequel in the line. It has a number of the same features, but with some additional perks that improve the overall performance of the phone.

Tech Specs

The display is a little larger than the X, at 4.3″ rather than 4″. Though they have decided to stay well under the 5″ mark flirted with by other brands. Display-wise is a disappointment; even most budget smartphones are equipped with a better resolution that the X 2′s 800 x 480, 221 ppi.

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Amazon Fire Phone was made official, will cost $650 unlocked

Amazon Fire PhoneAmazon has finally unleashed their much hyped Amazon Fire Phone, a smartphone that attempts to focus the company’s sights on telecommunication markets.

The Amazon Fire has never managed to carve out a majority market share in the tablet market. Too many people likely consider it a souped-up Kindle to take it that seriously for anything more than media.

But the Amazon Fire Phone could  very well be a more stable contender within mobile devices. Not only has it managed to match many features that you see with other top brands, but in some ways it has easily surpassed them.

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LG G3 flagship is official: 5.5-inch Quad HD display, laser autofocus and Snapdragon 801 SoC

LG G3LG has officially released details of their new flagship smartphone, the G3. After a month of “leaks” purposely let into the media by the mobile company, the actual product appears to be everything the numerous teasers promised. At first, it’s not a big surprise that LG G3 specs are outstanding and pretty much similar with Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One(M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, and even OnePlus One.

As they have been looking to compete on a market going ever more towards a small handful of dominant brands, this is the biggest release from the company in a long time. Not only does it hold advanced features, but it has an interesting new design.

Technical Specs

There will be two different versions of the LG G3. First is the 16 GB model that follows the hardware standards you would expect from a higher end model with 2 GB RAM. The more interesting is a 32 GB model with a full 3 GB of RAM.

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Samsung announces Galaxy K Zoom, a hybrid Camera-SmartPhone device

Samsung Galaxy K ZoomSamsung has released details on its latest in the Galaxy Zoom line, a device that blends the traditional features of a digital camera with their patented smartphone Galaxy series.

We talked about the Galaxy S4 Zoom last year, a unique smartphone that directly tied the device in with a zoom-lens style digital camera in the back. Now Samsung is releasing the next in that line with the K Zoom following a number of now-confirmed rumors that have been circulating for weeks.

Like they often do, the brand has sought to push the boundaries of features and capabilities. The K Zoom is a much morre powerful version of its predecessor, at least on the camera side.

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