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Samsung i7500 is confirmed

i7500_samsungToday’s best news comes again from Korea as Samsung Electronics announced i7500 their first Android mobile phone.

Beginning with specifications, let’s say that this gadget comes with an 3.2” Amoled HVGA full touch screen perfect for running the supported applications such as Gps, Google Maps, Google Talk, Youtube,Android Market and so on.

You will be stunned that this model have 8GB internal memory and can be upgraded up to 32GB through the microSD card slot. The camera is an 5 megapixel one with autofocus and LED flash.

Supported media files are:

Video: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV

-Audio:MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, WMA, RA

The phone looks very thickness as it’s only 11.9mm and the battery is providing a long life having 1500mAH.

You have included connectivity options as usual: Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G with HSDPA and HSUPA, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and also a microUSB port.

To finish this let’s say that the model is wait to hit the market in the beginning of this summer.


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A look into LG KM900 Arena

lg-km900smallToday we will take a look into new model released by LG: it’s called KM 900.

This gadget comes with 3 inch touchscreen and 16 million colors TFT display. The camera is an 5 megapixel one having autofocus with Schneider-Kreuznach optics, LED flash, geotaggin.

It have an interface called S-Class which LG said will make our life more easier and an 8GB built-in storage(+support for microSD card). The menu seem like an iPhone one and the largest display make our fingers very easy to scroll through it.

Ah I forgot, the camera is very good at video recording thanks to D1 cam recorder and you can use it either to capture video at 30fps or to shoot QVGA slo-mo video.

You can surf very fast and easy the internet(with Opera) as it has 3G with HSDPA at 7.2 Mbps and Wi-Fi. Usb, Bluetooth 2.00 or Gps technology are also present here to complete connectivity features.

Another cool feature at this phone is the Dolby Mobile one. With this one you will find out that the sound can be surprisingly dynamic and detailed with plenty of bass.
The video player can playback files such as DivX and XviD, but the new create video files are saved in 3GP format.

At the first look or touch this phone seems to be an iPhone competitor or maybe a competitior just for another LG made one, the Viewty 2 model.


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Allview G1 dual sim


I present you today a dual sim telephone called Allview G1, produced in China. It comes with a 2.4 inch QVGA display which is visible in any light condition, and under it is a mini touch screen that replace the well known navigation pad. It is said that this touch screen is not so brightly made as it not reacting each time you used or how you will expect it. Every action you succeed with this phone it’s followed by a vibration, which can’t be stopped from the menu. But look on the bright side, it’s a dual sim telephone which means you can use 2 sim cards in one telephone and you can choose deactivating one or both of them.

As connectivity the model supports Bluetooth, Wap, GPRS technologies. The camera is a poor one having just 2 megapixels, but can shoot both pictures and video. The internal memory has 128 Mb but can be extended with a Micro SD card.

You can’t expect too much from this phone,  the only good thing I say it’s the multi sim option,  the other features let us wondering why to purchase this phone.


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Lg Viewty 2 is Interesting

lg-viewty2LG Electronics just announced this days features regarding this new model. LG-GC900 is the name for this model or Viewty 2. The previous model(Viewty) was sold in 6.5 million units and turn to be a success. Now let’s see what this model offer us.
It’s equipped with 8 megapixel camera with Led and flash whom with his intelligent Shot mode function can
automatically analyze and adjust camera for taking pictures at highest quality. The camera can shoot pictures with a ISO sensitivity up to 1600 and has D1 video recording.

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Bluetooth 3.0 review

bluetoothSpecifications about this new Bluetooth version just arrived these days, so I want to review and talk about them a little.

The first and the most important thing is the speed, 8 times faster than version 2, Bluetooth 3.0 promise data transfers at 24Mbps through his 802.11 Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL). Another good thing is “no wires”. Why I say that? Is because this new device helps us very much to move large data files between our gadgets/devices, without the need of cables and wires.

Economy and stability are good words describing this version. Now you can use more time your mobile and you can move it through your pocket without the fear that the connection will drop as we were used to in previous versions.

We can use Bluetooth 3.00 in various situations such us: wireless sync between pc and music player or phone, transfer photos to printer or PC, transfer files from camera or phone to pc or television and much more.


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Apple’s iPhone 3.0 new Software

iphone_301I know I may not be the first to talk about iPhone’s 3.0 OS, but is fair for the
users to check and see reviews about it. As Apple used us there are a lot of surprises(100 new features) and a lot of cool things about thie new “wonder”. So let’s start it!

This update will be released during this summer for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS models.

First of all my favorite new feature is the landscape keyboard which now can be used in all applications.

Stereo Bluetooth is present as this version same as it was on 3G one, but not on the classic one(sorry), so you can where your iPhone and listen to music without wires.

Text messages can now be deleted in a chat thread and for the multimedia users I have a bad news, this version will also not support MMS, as previous ones.

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Samsung S8000 secret specifications

samsung-s8000As you were waiting Samsung S8000 secret specifications appeared these days on web. It’s supposed that this will be the first Samsung model that will support as OS the Google Android.

This device has an AMOLED full touch-display with 16 million colors and WVGA resolution. The internal memory is 2GB, but can be raised through microSD card. The connectivity options are: GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and USB. It is said to have native support for video files such as DivX and XviD and a camera with 5MP with flash.

Remember, these may not be the final specifications, because there is no official announcement from Samsung about this model.


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