HDHomeRun DVR – Connecting television to computers

HDHomeRun DVRSiliconDust’s HDHomeRun DVR is a device that connects the television to PCs and other devices around the home, offers the ability to record and save live television to be watched on a different device (like a tablet or smartphone).

Technology is finding ways of connecting the home in different ways. Entertainment is something that is both shared and individual, and enjoyed at different times. Being able to connect TV to digital devices and run the connection simultaneously would be good for some families.

Computers end up in most rooms, where as in the past it was a television set. The Internet does have a lot of entertainment available, but some shows are first shown on television before making their way online. Or, with sports, they may be shown live on television without access being available online.

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YouTube turns ten – Happy first decade

YouTube LogoSome websites feel as if the Internet was designed with them as a planned fixture, weaving seamlessly through websites and making so much sense it’s hard to imagine an Internet without them. One of those sites is YouTube, the video hosting site that is now ten years old.

Currently, YouTube stands as a behemoth of video hosting like no other. It had its own teething problems, though, with many people at one point believing YouTube had no value, was drain for money, and required too much money and infrastructure to make the site work. Google saw the potential in YouTube, and had more than enough funds to spend on what was needed.

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Apple Watch app store is now live

Apple WatchApple’s Watch is to be released with a range of apps by developers who haven’t used an Apple Watch yet. For these developers, it is hard to know what makes a good Watch app, how an app should look, and what the app should aim to do. Simplicity is the current requirement, along with a list of guidelines from Apple on app development.

The Watch is a device no one has used yet, and so it’s unknown how people will end up using this technology. A few Watch app developers have said the best apps will give a small bit of information on the screen, prompting the user to move to their corresponding iPhone app for more detail.

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Google launches Project Fi mobile network service

  • 23/04/2015 at 08:09 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Google Project FiGoogle are launching a new idea called Project Fi. Project Fi aims to offer a service that helps with the connectivity of digital devices for those who are constantly on the move. Connectivity and communications so important themes in the world today. Social media connects across platforms, and so do our files and apps. The phone number, one of our most important contact details, often isn’t connected to your various devices.

Google’s Project Fi will work to give you the best network you can be connected to. This could be a verified Wi-Fi hotspot or a 4G LTE network. Scanning the environment around you, the new technology figures out which is the fastest network for you to be connected to.

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Sony to release Xperia Z4 in Japan this summer

Sony Xperia Z4Sony’s next flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, is to be released in Japan during the summer. No international release date has been mentioned as yet, but Sony has released information on the features of the next model of the Xperia Z series. Previously Sony has said it is unlikely to make any more smartphones.

In terms of looks, the new Xperia Z4 looks similar to previous models. The screen size is 5.2 inches with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. It is 6.9 millimetres thick (The Z3 was 7.3 mm.) and weighs 144 grams. The length is 146 millimetres and width 72mm The OS will be Android 5.0 on a Snapdragon 64-bit processor with eight CPU cores. Internal memory will be 32GB and 3GB of RAM. Support for up to 128GB is available through a micro SD slot.

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Endless – A smart desktop designed for the developing world

Endless Smart DesktopAround 5 billion people don’t have computers, a majority of the world. Endless was born from a thought on a trip to India, that a smart phone’s processor could run a desktop operating system. Smart phone processors are inexpensive and mobile. Using the mobile capabilities, Endless will enable anyone with access to a television to have a desktop PC to use.

The project is well thought out. The OS comes with pre-packaged apps that don’t require the internet to be used. For areas without a reliable internet service (Or with no internet at all.), the desktop can still be used. An app service will allow users to download apps in a click. The apps that come with the OS include topics like games, health, recipes, farming, healthy teeth, home how-to’s and others. Educational apps are also available with the device, such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, academic curricula and educational games.

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Microsoft and Yahoo renew their search partnership

Microsoft and YahooMicrosoft and Yahoo have updated their partnership in regards to search and advertising. This could work out well for Yahoo, who will now be able to run their own ads on desktop and mobile searches. Previously, Yahoo was required to pull 100% of its traffic from Bing marketplace ads. Now, Yahoo are required a majority of 51% of monetized ads to come from Bing. Also in the deal, Yahoo’s desktop search will be powered by Microsoft’s search algorithm.

The roles of the partnership have changed. Yahoo is no longer in charge of the sales relationship of Bing search ads, with Microsoft taking control. Previous to the original deal in 2009, Bing’s search ads weren’t doing so well compared to Yahoo’s or Google’s ads.

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